A New Era in DeFi Lending

2 min readFeb 22, 2024

After a successful stealth launch, $AITEK has garnered incredible attention in the DeFi space for its unique low cap derivatives leverage platform. In the first few weeks of beta testing, projects listed include $TRUMP, $SHIELD, $PHYSICS, $ZKML, and $BUNDL. A growing community (christened Teknos) have engaged with the platform, provided valuable feedback to the team, and brought into the vision of $AITEK.

While the leverage platform continues to be fleshed out, today $AITEK announces the rollout of its second core utility: collateralized lending for low caps.

Lending itself is not a unique concept in defi. Protocols such as Aave and Curve have been mainstays in the space for many years. However, these are solutions for borrowing against Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other large cap tokens. In the deeper “degen” space, where many successful projects are born and bootstrapped, collateralization against high caps are an incompatible option for traders. A high number of traders strictly hold the native token of the chains they trade on. Ethereum, Solana, BNB, and the like. These tokens are treated as the currency with which to buy low cap tokens before they explode on the retail and “normie” scene.

In just the past year we’ve seen incredible growth by projects that started at a merely five-figure market cap — $Paal, $0x0, and $Ator to name a few– and grew to eight-figures. Early investors that understood the potential value of these projects held their positions for months and benefited immensely. But sometimes, in the “hodl” journey, trader’s wish they were able to access liquidity within their positions without selling early. This is the problem $AITEK seeks to solve.

Borrower’s are now able to borrow 50% of the value in Ethereum on 100 different low cap tokens using $AITEK’s lending protocol. The catalog of supported tokens is expected to grow rapidly and keep up with the ongoing trends within the space. Support for tokens on alternative chains such Solana and BSC are also forthcoming in future updates. Rates, loan terms, and loan to TLV value will be subject to changes as the protocol adapts to market demand and borrower preferences.

In 2023, Blur protocol’s NFT lending platform, Blend, attracted 308 million in volume in only its first 22 days of operation according to Coindesk. As of today, Ethereum’s daily on-chain volume alone eclipses 1 billion. Clearly, the low cap collateralized lending opportunities in the coin space dwarf’s that of NFT’s– and $AITEK stands at the vanguard. Not since the mass adoption of the Telegram trading bot has a business model come forth with such revenue generating potential and value proposition for traders.

Join $AITEK as it redefines liquidity access and trailblazes a new path in Defi.

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